Body Coordinator, Jayleen Renneberg
BScKinesiology, RYA 200hr, IIN Health Coach

I was pulled into the health field out of passion for physical activity and exercise. I¹ve danced all my life and started working out in my bedroom with 4 lb dumbbells when I was 11. Naturally, when I graduated high school, I studied Kinesiology at the UofA. I chose to do a practicum at a small athlete¹s training center where I trained and tested all types of athletes as well as the general pubic. It was there that I was introduced to blending yoga into athletic training. Once graduated, I worked as a personal trainer at Body By Bennett. In 2010, I was pulled to enroll in a YYoga’s teacher¹s training in Whister, BC. This allowed me to work as a private, semi-private and athlete yoga instructor At Body By Bennett for the next 3 years. During this time, I was constantly looking for simple changes that could improve the health and quality of life of my clients. I know that yoga and fitness was only a small piece of the puzzle. Many of my clients wanted to have a healthy lifestyle, so I took it upon myself to grow and research more into holistic nutrition and environmental toxicity.

In 2013, my beautiful daughter, Rachelle, was born. Wanting to spend more time at home as she grew, I enrolled with the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach. Through as series of synchronistic events, I met Rachel and we found that we had the same vision of wanting to become health coaches and run retreats. Life had a different plan for us. Part of what her and I wanted to focus on as coaches were those simple changes that people could integrate into their lives to become healthier. Many of the cleaners, cosmetics and body care products that we use in our homes expose our body to chemicals that have the potential to cause weight gain, headaches, fatigue and even cancer. Once we started leading workshops about this and simple ways to make your own, Pure Living Enthusiast¹s coaching plan was slowed and our products were born.

I still teach private, team and group yoga and I will occasionally take on a health coaching client as I love working as a yoga instructor and a health coach. I still love listening to podcasts and spending hours of time researching new theories, products and trends in the nutrition and fitness world. I love the fact that I can bring this background into personal care products and essential oils. It makes me excited that the world is changing and people are demanding products like ours that use oils and botanicals that can be found in the soil all over the world. Thanks you for supporting us and allowing us to bring health to people through cosmetics.

If you’d like to contact me about my services, you can contact me directly at jayleen@purelivingenthusiast.com .


Jayleen Renneberg


Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach